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About Saucer Software

Saucer Software is a small independent game development and publishing company based in Finland, officially registered since May 2011.

Our current main project is Zezenia Online, a 2D online roleplaying game. On the side we are also developing a browser-based (HTML5) RTS game, called Battle of Flags, and a business simulation game, called MoneyGame, which are both currently in open BETA stage.

You can get in touch with us at

Project: Zezenia Online

Zezenia Online is a free online roleplaying game, online to the public since autumn 2008. The game features simple 2D graphics, a vast map spanning multiple continents to explore, multiple game world types including PVP and Non-PVP, and hundreds of spells and items to use. The game is actively being developed with multiple patches and updates every year.

Thanks to the small download size (5-8 megabytes), low system requirements and both Windows and Linux clients, the game is playable by a large audience and is easy to get started with.

Learn more about the game on its official website at Zezenia Online Screenshot

Project: Battle of Flags

Battle of Flags is an online realtime strategy game, developed with HTML5 technology (Canvas, JavaScript), allowing it to be played directly in the browser with no download or installation required. The game features player versus player matches with 2-4 players on various maps, with both player created custom matches and automatically arranged ranked matches. The gameplay has been kept easy to learn, with a limited of amount of units, to keep each match at about 20-30 minutes long.

The game is currently in public beta stage - head to to try it out! Battle of Flags Screenshot

Project: MoneyGame

MoneyGame is a browser-based business simulation game. The economy in the game is entirely player-driven. Features include running your own company, trading currencies, resources and shares and more. The game works well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

The game is currently in public beta stage - head to to try it out!